The company

Aurea Servizi was founded in 2006, by experienced designers carrying out their work in various International industrial sectors.
Areas of expertise include Industrial Design and Reverse Engineering applied in the mechanical, automotive, marine and Interior Design fields.
Aurea Servizi develops the product cycle thus obtaining maximum results by using cutting-edge tools and methods.
Aurea has gained their ability for design solutions and the appropriate technology from extensive experience in the analysis process and development of efficient solutions in varied fields of application to fully meet customers’ specifications and needs.
The design of industrial structures and systems, modeling for automobile sectors, motorcycle sectors, and personal care and consumer products; reverse engineering and dimensional inspection for boating, shipbuilding, cultural and archaeological, automotive, motorcycling, and installations for Energy production are some of the activities Aurea offers.
Additionally Aurea collaborates with research institutions, industry associations, universities and sets up networks of businesses.
We are convinced that the exchanging of ideas, daily interaction and teamwork are the factors that can highlight the small- medium businesses placing them in the market and able to proudly compete at an international level.